The Hip-Hop Violinist



Discovering and harnessing one’s inner strengths and abilities is often a daunting task for any individual. However, when the formula is right,  success becomes inevitable. Bulgarian native Svet was born on September 3rd, 1986 in Eastern Europe before moving to the U.S. at the  age of 10. Immersed in a new place filled with an abundance of diverse cultures and customs, Svet immediately began searching through all styles and customs of music, ultimately discovering that he too, was capable of becoming a world renowned musician like no other artist by infusing the Violin into all types of music. 

After arriving in the United States, Svet discovered an immediate interest in Hip-Hop culture and music, sparking his passionate pursuit towards becoming one of the most influential musicians in the industry. “One of my biggest inspirations came from Will Smith‘s track ‘Miami’ off his debut album ‘Big Willie Style’ which I actually owned on a cassette tape back before the age of CD’s and MP3’s.”


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Svet’s genius and determination allowed him to master both the Piano and Violin early in life, earning him a Scholarship to the legendary Eastman School of Music. As a well-rounded violinist, singer and music producer, Svet has been able to take full control of his vision, allowing him to create brilliant compositions.  “I love the fact that I can elevate music to the next level. The true reward comes every time I watch my fans listening and jiving to my music. That’s when I know I’m doing something right”.


Throughout the development of his musical career,  Svet has been featured on Networks such as ABC, NBC, BET and MTV and is now on his collaborative journey with a number of other accomplished artists. At the age of 25, Svet has performed with notorious icons including Jamie Foxx, Kanye West, Jadakiss, Gym Class Heroes, and Dirty Money, also having the honor of performing the National Anthem and Half-Time Show for the NBA team the NEW JERSEY NETS at Prudential Center. After his first show, Svet was immediately invited back to do a second performance for the NBA! Svet has also had the pleasure to appear in a variety of promotional events across the nation including a Promotional appearance with “Deena” from MTV’s Jersey Shore. In May 2011 he was honored to receive the “Talent of the Week” Award for his Promo Video endorsed by the largest Hip Hop website in the world, “World Star Hip Hop”. As a result, that video received over 100,000 views in less than 2 weeks helping him charge forward into musical success. 



Like some of the best in the industry including AfroJack and Deadmau5, Svet began mastering the program “Fruity Loops” to compose numerous beats and finished tracks by combining elements of Electronic music with the sound of a Classical Violin.


At the start of 2012, Svet began composing and recording his new album set to be released at the end of the year. The debut single, “String Theory” focuses on infusing the Violin with elements of Dance and Electronic music along with a variety of other sounds including Hip-Hop, Rock, and Classical. While explaining the vision behind the upcoming album, Svet explained that the goal of the LP is to create a completely new style of music that can’t be found in any one genre of music, ultimately “changing the industry one note at a time” with compositions like no other artist of today. 



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